Saturday, 30 November 2013

Though abandoned by humans many centuries prior, Kal's latest metaxic destination hews closer to the Earth he knows than any he has seen thus far. The familiarity extends beyond the superficial, and when Kal leaves this desolate world, a new part of himself might just tag along too...
With a wonderfully unpredictable conclusion, Tria sets course for a bevy of existential quandaries to unfold in future installments. Read on!

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Continuing his search for a cure to his literal homesickness, Kal journeys to what should be a world of promising technological advancement. But when he finds himself in the middle of a dense, sprawling jungle, devoid of civilisation but plentiful in hostility, he must rely on more than his precious nanites to make it through unscathed...
More fast-paced than previous stories, Just a Game is a short but sweet adventure that manages to pack in a refreshingly distinct twist to its Battle Royale styled tale. Another fun jaunt through the metaxia.

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Hi everyone,

My second novel, Guerrilla Internet, is nearing completion. I'm shooting for a release sometime in December, if everything goes to plan, and I cannot wait to see what people think. The story explores themes very personal to me, including depression and anxiety, as well as more pragmatic concerns such as data privacy and internet security. For those interested, the blurb is below:

'How careful are you with what you say in a phone call? In a text message? Are you strict enough to never reveal personal information in an email, or on Facebook? Most people aren't.'

We live in the Age of Information. Microsecond communication from one side of our planet to the other. The entire known history of the human race accessible from the supercomputers that live inside our pockets. We document our lives through Facebook, through Twitter, through Youtube, sharing our joy and suffering with millions worldwide or just a handful of intimate friends. 
But just how secure is the information we share? And who does the information belong to? Us? The companies storing it? The government? By surrendering our details to the digital 'verse we are gambling with our privacy, placing our trust in names and numbers and promises made by faceless corporations. Our basic human rights protect us and our creations in the physical world, but the realm of bits and bytes is absent such insurance, an untamed wild full of verdant possibility growing too fast for the gardener to handle.
But now the gardener is proposing a perimeter fence to stem the growth and bring the wilds back under his control. Legislature seeking to dictate what we can see, say, and do on the internet is fast gathering steam. Our freedom of expression is coming under attack from those with vested interest in promoting a sterile and subservient populace, neutering dissent before it can blossom into out-and-out rebellion.
Decisions made here and now will mould the shape of society for decades to come. Should we surrender our freedoms for the security of Big Brother governance? Or should we allow the Wild West internet to flourish unshackled, accepting the potential for both good and evil to sprout from its seeds?

A technological thriller set in current times, Guerrilla Internet tackles the themes of privacy, security, and freedom of expression in the age of a constantly connected society. A tale of subterfuge and doublespeak, of plots within plots, where laws and morals clash to decide the meaning of freedom in an always-online world...

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A frustratingly intangible dream teases Kal with a solution to the problem keeping him from returning home. This threadbare hope drives Kal to the verdant jungle world Ydora, where he encounters his first real danger since passing through the metaxia: other humans.

With an intriguing exploration of a culture considerably foreign to Earth's, and the further development of the motivations that spur Kal towards his ultimate goal, Longing expands the rich setting of the Embarkation universe and humanises Kal with a well-paced and engaging character arc. Mentally stimulating and very entertaining. Bring on the next chapter!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kal, a talented and experienced computer programmer, is stranded on a world populated exclusively by giant cats. With naught but his programmable nanites for non-feline company, Kal works to unlock the information in his brain that will allow him to return to the metaxia, the in-between space linking an untold number of universes, including the home from which he came...
Intelligent, humorous, and above all utterly engaging, the first chapter in the Voyage: Embarkation series sets the scene for fathomless intrigue to follow. A supremely polished and entertaining read. Highly recommended!

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