Saturday, 22 February 2014

For all you Apple geeks out there, my book, Guerrilla Internet, is now available on the iTunes store:

And now for a passage to whet your appetite...

A damp wind whipped down the gloomy street and stung Charlie’s bare cheek. The midday sky wore a thick grey overcoat, stripping the world below of its vibrancy so all appeared bleak and forlorn. The air hinted at rain, sporadic flecks of moisture tickling naked skin just often enough to raise alarm.

Charlie brushed an errant drop of water from his cheek and followed Mel to the curb. She waved her hands emphatically and a canary-yellow cab veered out of traffic, shuddering to a halt with one wheel halfway onto the sidewalk. For Charlie it was a surreal experience; the first real postcard moment, a powerful reminder that he was ten-thousand miles from home, the protective walls of his apartment far beyond his reach, no bastion from the chaos, no fortress from the unknown.

“C’mon Charlie, get in!”

Monday, 10 February 2014

'How careful are you with what you say in a phone call? In a text message? Are you strict enough to never reveal personal information in an email, or on Facebook? Most people aren't.' 

Charlie, a soon-to-be unemployed software tester struggling through remission from depression and anxiety, is about to discover just how lethal a weapon information can be in the wrong hands. When one of his colleagues is murdered for the sake of stealing his company's innocuous in-development phone app, his life is upended and shaken like one of James Bond's martinis. With the aid of Mel, a technologically illiterate but worldly-wise security guard, Charlie must conquer his inhibitions and venture outside his cloistered comfort zone in order to prevent a cyberterrorist conspiracy so devastating it threatens the very future of the internet itself... 

A technological thriller set in modern times, Guerrilla Internet tackles the themes of privacy, security, and freedom of expression in the age of a constantly connected society. A tale of subterfuge and doublespeak, of plots within plots, where laws and morals clash to decide the meaning of freedom in an always-online world.

If you're interested, Smashwords has the first 20% of the book viewable online: here
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