Friday, 3 April 2015

Hi everyone!

My short story, Memory Leak, makes an appearance in the April edition of Beyond Science Fiction magazine, along with a wonderful selection of tales from other great authors. The blurb for Memory Leak follows:

Can you remember the last movie you watched?

Nieko can't. Not just the name; she has no recollection of the scenes, the actors, not even the basic plot. This isn't an anomaly either; she can't seem to retain the memory of any movie, TV show, or other digital media she watches. The doctors are clueless, and her classmates are ruthless. High school is not the best time to be different.

But there's something more to Nieko's 'sickness'. The doctors say it's not uncommon, yet there's nothing about it on the internet. The medication they give her only makes her forget more, not less. And no one is willing to give her a straight answer. None of it makes sense. Reality itself seems to be broken.

Nieko has no idea how right she is.

Check the issue out here if you are interested!


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