Friday, 4 April 2014

At one time or another, we are all dissatisfied with our lot in life. No money, few friends, poor past decisions coming back to haunt us. We dream of escape, of fleeing to a place where no one knows who we are, where our old lives can be forgotten, a place like Nowhere.

Nel, a civil engineer working in a Seattle suffering apocalyptic-level climate change and war-time rationing, is about to realise this fantasy. An impossible place existing outside of time, where the problems of his old life are but echoes of a distant dream...

Too bad Nowhere's got its own share of woes for him to deal with. Maybe Nel would have been better off with the devil he knew...

With an eclectic menagerie of wonderfully weird characters, and a smorgasbord of locales sporting influences from Lovecraft to Escher, Insomnium delivers surprise and intrigue with gleeful abandon. Horse-head soldiers living in a castle of living flesh. Justice doled out underwater by jellyfish judges. A bacchanal labyrinth employed as a perverse feeding device.

Nowhere may be a dangerous place, but the reward for visiting far outweighs the risk. With each of Insomnium's episodes, Zachary explores a new theme, a new aspect of society that so keenly pierces the shadows of our own lives. From autocracy to libertarianism, from relationship commitments to homophobic discrimination, from shame and regret to zeal and tenacity; Nowhere may be an alien world, but the life lessons discovered there strike home with unerring precision.

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