Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring has sprung and change has come, but the shadows of Winter linger still in the mind of Eostre. Young and fallow, she has much to learn before fate brings her and Isaac together as husband and wife. Her world dances between two corporeal states: in one, death abounds at the hands of the Delirium plague; in the other, life blooms by virtue of a mysterious farmer and his miracle cure. But which world is truth? Light or dark, sun or shadow? A young boy built of golden light, or an old woman cloaked with obsidian ravens; who is Eostre to trust?
Heaven and Hell converge in A. Ka's second fantastical tale in the Isaac The Fortunate series. Delicately balancing confusion and mystery with morsels of mind-twisting revelation, The Spring questions the value of blind faith and ignorance to inquisition while demonstrating the power and importance of human curiosity. Beautifully realised in both prose and pictures, Eostre's adventure deftly avoids the temptation of oblivion to create a memory indelible to even the time-bending Golden Bridle.
Seasons pass, and The Summer cannot arrive fast enough.

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